1. Pozner v. Fetzer Complaint
  2. Fetzer Answer
  3. Sandy Hook Collected Memoranda Trial Exh H Same as referenced in paragraph 15 in Fetzer's Answer above with a hot link. It is a document sent to the President of the United States by Robert David Steele
  4. Pozner Motion & Notice to Strike Fetzer Answer
  5. Zimmerman Affidivit in Support of Motion to Strike Answer
  6. Exhibit 2 in Motion to Strike
  7. Fetzer Response to Pozner Motion to Strike Answer
  8. Pozner Motion for Protection and Production
  9. Fetzer 1st Request for Production
  10. Fetzer 2nd Request for Production
  11. Pozner Response to Fetzer 2nd Request for Production
  12. Fetzer Response to Pozner Motion for Protection and Production
  13. Fetzer Counter Claim
  14. Pozner Motion For DNA Testing
  15. Zimmerman Affidavit Supporting DNA Testing
  16. WWW Objection to DNA Testing
  17. Fetzer Objection to DNA testing
  18. Fetzer Amended Objection to DNA Testing
  19. Fetzer Motion To Expand DNA Testing
  20. Notice of Hearing on Motion to Expand DNA testing & Sealing Order
  21. Minutes of Hearing on Motion to Strike Fetzer Counter Claim, DNA & Confidentiality
  22. Order Granting DNA Testing
  23. Pozner Motion to Dismiss Counter Claim
  24. Fetzer Response to Pozner Motion to Strike or Dismiss Counterclaim
  25. Order on Pozner Motion for Protection and Production

    Pozner Motion for Summary Judgment:

  26. Pozner Brief Motion for Summary Judgment
  27. Pozner Affidavit in support of Motion for Summary Judgment
  28. Fetzer Response to Pozner Motion for Summary Judgment
  29. Wickerson - Document Fraud Expert - Affidavit
  30. Wickstrom Expert Resume
  31. Wickstrom Finds Death Certificat to be Fake
  32. Robertson Resume - 2nd Document Fraud Expert
  33. Robertson Document Fraud Expert Affidavit finding Death Certificate a Fake
  34. Pozner Proposed Undisputed Facts
  35. Fetzer Response to Pozner Proposed Undisputed Facts
  36. Fetzer's Proposed Undisputed Facts
  37. Friedman Affidavit in support of Pozner M for SJ
  38. Fetzer Motion to Strike Friedman
  39. Pozner Opposition to Strike Friedman Affidavit
  40. Zimmerman Affidavit Exhibits K, L, M, N, & O in support of Pozner MSJ
  41. Motion to Correct Zimmerman Affidavit in support of Pozner M for SJ
  42. Pozner Motion to Seal Zimmerman Exhibits D, E, & H
  43. Fetzer Motion to Strike Zimmerman
  44. Green Affidavit in support of Pozner M for SJ
  45. Fetzer Motion to Strike Green
  46. Pozner Opposition to Strike Green Affidavit

    Fetzer Motion for Summary Judgment:

  47. Fetzer Motion for Summary Judgment
  48. Fetzer Affidavit
  49. Telephonic Hearing Transcript on Motion to Strike & Production / Protection Order
  50. Fetzer Response to Production Order
  51. Fetzer Reply to Pozner's Response to Fetzer's Motion for Summary Judgment

    Hearing on Motions for Summary Judgment:

  52. Hearing Transcript on Motions for Summary Judgment
  53. Exhibits Accepted at Hearing on Motions for Summary Judgment except for 2 more death certificates sealed by the court.
  54. Exhibit 10 the book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook"
  55. Judge Grants Summary Judgment finding Fetzer guilty of Libel as matter of Law

    Interlocutory Appeal of Pozner Summary Judgment:

  56. Fetzer Petition for Leave for Interlocutory Appeal Denied
  57. Motion to Amend Application for Interlocutory Appeal
  58. Fetzer Interlocutory Appeal
  59. 4th COA WI Denial of Interlocutory Appeal
  60. Deposition of Dr. James Fetzer without exhibits

    Jury Trial on Damages due Pozner for Defamation:

  61. Pre Damage Trial Conference Transcript
  62. Trial Transcript on Damages to Pozner w/ Jury Finding of $450,000.

    Final Hearing Dec 19, 2019:

  63. Pozner Motion for Attorney Fees (claimed earlier were pro bono)
  64. Pozner Motion for Permanent Injunction (Pozner can talk all he wants but not Fetzer)
  65. Fetzer Motion to Vacate
  66. Fetzer Reply Brief in Support of Motions After Rulings
  67. Pozner Reply Brief in Support of Motion for Attorney Fees
  68. Pozner Reply Brief in Support of Motion for Permanent Injunction
  69. Decision & Order on Post Rulings Motions


  70. Notice of Appeal
  71. Receipt of the Record and Transcript
  72. Perfection of Appeal
  73. Appellant's Brief & Cross Respondent
  74. Appellee's Brief
  75. Appellant's Reply Brief
  76. Pozner Response Brief
  77. Opinion of Wisconsin Court of Appeals
  78. Fetzer Motion For Reconsideration
  79. Motion For Reconsideration Denied


  80. Fetzer Petition for Review
  81. Fetzer Petition For Review Appendix
  82. Fetzer Corrected Petition For Review
  83. Dismissal of Submission of Petition to Wisconsin Supreme Court
  84. Fetzer Motion To Reinstate Petition
  85. Court Order to Reinstate Fetzer Petition for Review
  86. Pozner Response to Fetzer Corrected Petition
  87. Pozner Appendix to Response to Fetzer Petition
  88. Fetzer Petition For Review Denied by Wisconsin Supreme Court
  89. Wisconsin Appeals Court Orders Affirmed


  90. Pozner's Motion To Turnover Fetzer's Property
  91. Fetzer's Response to Pozner's Motion to Turnover Fetzer's Property
  92. Fetzer's Affidavit Supporting Response to Pozner Turnover Motion
  93. Pozner Reply to Fetzer Response to Motion to Turnover Property
  94. Pozner's Proposed Order Granting Intellectual Property Turnover
  95. Pozner Motion to Take Hearing
  96. Fetzer's Motion for Reconsideration, Vacation, Valuation Objection, & Damages for Abuse of Process
  97. Fetzer's Motion to Stay Pozner's Taking Order Until Ruling on Petition for Writ of Certiorari
  98. Pozner's Opposition to Fetzer's Motion For Reconsideration
  99. Fetzer's Reply to Pozner's Opposition to Motion For Reconsideration
  100. Pozner's Opposition to Fetzer's Motion To Stay
  101. Fetzer's Reply to Pozner's Opposition to Motion To Stay
  102. Hearing on Fetzer's Motions to Reconsider and to Stay
  103. Order Denying Fetzer's Motion To Stay & For Reconsideration of Taking Order


  104. Notice of Appeal
  105. Statement on Transcript
  106. Notice of Appeal Transcript For Inspection
  107. Notice of Filing Fetzer's Brief and Appendix
  108. Dr. Fetzer's Brief and Appendix appealing the "Taking Order"
  109. 4th Crt Notice Pozner filed his Appellee's Response
  110. Pozner's Response to Fetzer's Brief Appealing The Taking Order
  111. Fetzer's Reply to Pozner's Response on Taking/Turnover Order Appeal to 4th Crt WI
  112. 4th COA WI Notice of filing Appellant's Reply Brief


  113. Dr. Fetzer's Petition for Writ of Certiorari is filed
  114. Dr. Fetzer's Petition For Writ of Certiorari
  115. Motion to Amend Motion To Leave To Proceed In Forma Pauperis
  116. Motion to Amend Petition For Writ of Certiorari
  117. Fetzer's Motion To Take Judicial Notice
  118. Dr. Fetzer's Application for Stay & Administrative Stay in the Supreme Court of The United States (Rec. 11:47 AM 9/1/2022)
  119. SCOTUS docket link to Application For Stay of Taking Order.
    Docket File # 22A200
  120. Application to Stay Renewal
  121. Dr. Fetzer Petition For Rehearing