Damage done by GBRA contractor after flood of 2002
gbra-1.jpg Photo showing GBRA's Bull Dozer Track marks on Avery's drive way.
gbra-2.jpg Photo showing GBRA Dozer track marks continuing down Avery's road.
gbra-2-2.jpg Close up of Curb Damage (AREA 1) done by GBRA Dozer.
gbra-2-10.jpg Photo of AREAS 1-3 damaged by GBRA Dozers and Heavy Equipment in excess of 75 Feet.
gbra-2-12.jpg Another Close up showing GBRA Dozer tracks in dirt leading to broken curb in AREA 1.
gbra-2-3.jpg Close up of Curb Damage (AREA 2) done by GBRA Dozer.
gbra-2-9.jpg Photo of area of Damage done by GBRA Dozer AREA 3
gbra-2-6.jpg First Close up of more damage in AREA-3 done by GBRA Dozer.
gbra-2-7.jpg Second Close up of more damage in AREA-3 done by GBRA Dozer.
gbra-2-8.jpg Third Close up of more damage in AREA-3 done by GBRA Dozer.
gbra-2-11.jpg Photo showing GBRA Dozer tracks on pavement and overlaping onto concrete gutter.
gbra-3.jpg Photo of GBRA front end loader in area of curb damage and where it entered Highway 3 easement and adjacent property.
gbra-4.jpg Photo showing GBRA front end loader and tire marks on Avery's curbs.
gbra-5.jpg Photo showing more GBRA dozer tracks on Avery's paving and tire tracks crossing curbs.
gbra-6.jpg Photo showing the poor method of protecting Avery's curbs used by GBRA contractors. Avery never gave permission to contractor to damage his property or his curbs.
gbra-7.jpg Photo showing GBRA dozer tracks crossing concrete curbs and poor protection system and resulting damage to Avery's curbs.
gbra-9.jpg Photo showing both GBRA front end loader and Dozer on land adjacent to Avery's. Avery did not give permission to use his property to clean up adjacent property or adjacent highway easements.
gbra-10.jpg Photo of GBRA dozer on adjacent land and easements pushing debris towards Avery's land.
gbra-11.jpg Photo showing more damage done by GBRA dozer to Avery's paving.
gbra-12.jpg Photo showing areas where GBRA vehicles have crossed Avery's curbs with no protection.