911 Truth Activists:
Some of you may know that I was censored by my Presbyterian USA pastor, Rev. McCauley , for passing out the 911 Blueprint for Truth - the Architecture of Destruction DVD narrated by architect Richard Gage founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth , to my Sunday school class last September 14, 2008. Rev. McCauley did this in violation of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) constitution which requires that he file an Accusation of Offense against me first and an Investigative Committee (IC) be appointed to determine if I needed the censure of censorship applied. Instead, the pastor merely called me on the phone and said he spoke for the Session and told me to never bring up any 911 stuff any more at church anywhere.
I filed an " Accusation of Offense " against Rev. McCauley for doing this in violation of both the constitution and Holy Scriptures at the Presbytery level with jurisdiction over the pastor. The Mission Presbytery of San Antonio, Texas formed an Investigative Committee (IC) and they concluded their investigation and reported on 3/16/09 that they decided not to file charges against the pastor. This means they had to find that the pastor followed the constitutional process to censor me and that he censored me in conformity with the Holy Scriptures. There is not one shred of evidence showing the pastor used the constitutional procedure or that his acts were in conformity to Holy Scripture that could lead to a decision to dismiss my Accusation of Offense.
I will have 30 days or until 4/20/09 to file a Petition for Review of the Investigative Committee's decision to not file charges with the Permanent Judicial Committee of Mission Presbytery. The IC shall submit a written response to my Petition's facts showing that the IC did not fulfill their fact finding obligations.
Unless the church in the 21st Century wakes up to global tyranny being imposed in America, all will be lost. The modern mainstream churches have been hijacked by premillennialism and the government. The Presbyterian church was instrumental in forming the United States of America and it should be instrumental in sustaining the liberties it once helped establish. Amen. Therefore, I ask for your prayers that the Presbytery act correctly and righteously in the name of Jesus Christ. And I also ask that you send this to all your friends that attend any church in America and beyond and those who do not attend church.
The whole judicial process of my Accusation and Statement of Offense under the PCUSA is online and navigable at www.PostWTC.com/frame-7.html This should be beneficial to all who want to get active in waking up the churches of the world.
Ron Avery


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