Introduction, Overview, and Conclusion


It was in 1999 when I first became aware of the voluntary nature of the federal income tax.  Irwin Schiff provided some clues and I did the research to validate this new discovery.  Rather than stop filing, I began to file Form 1040 tax returns and statements indicating zero income.


After six years of receiving computer generated form letters and threats from the IRS alleging penalties for filing “frivolous returns”, and my responding with letters that were similarly treated or ignored by the IRS, they decided to issue the dreaded “IRS Summons”.  That is where this saga began – June, 2005.


I answered the Summons – I appeared (on 4 occasions as it turned out) and answered their questions.  Apparently, they didn’t like my answers, and with the help of the DOJ, they filed a civil action “Petition to Enforce IRS Summons” in US District Court – November, 2005.


There were four court hearings; I attended most of them.  Their objectives, as best as I can determine them, were to obtain information from me regarding my assets (that they could then steal for their elite handlers), and to get my voluntary agreement that I really did owe them tax money, by signing “amended returns”.


Well, I have few assets, so that objective was a loser.  And, since I do not believe that I owe them tax money, I could not voluntarily agree that I did.  That would be committing perjury!  Now, there are two principles that I believe are true, and this case seemed to verify my belief:  If there is no contract, there is no case, and if there is no controversy, there is no case.


They wanted to contract with me, and they were using intimidation to affect that objective.  I did not refuse (no controversy) to contract (amended returns), Instead, I made a counter offer (negotiation).  I offered to sign their amended returns “under duress”.  Since I had previously signed Form 1040 returns under the penalty of perjury, stating I had no taxable income, I could not now sign new returns saying I did have taxable income.  By doing that, I said, I would be forced by the government into committing perjury.  Moreover, I still believe that my original “zero returns” were correct.  New returns would be a lie.


They could not accept that condition because a contract is an agreement, and “under duress” is hardly agreement. And, they could not force me to contract “voluntarily” except by putting me “under duress” (incarceration until I voluntarily complied)!  Case Dismissed.  Wot a Kontry.

Upon Dismissal of this suit the IRS via the DOJ brought the next suit which you can see at this link

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