This is information about a Federal case against Texas Governor Abbot, Mayor Adler of Austin and Judge Eckhardt over the COVID-19 lockdown. My friends, I am sharing this important information with you because more of our freedoms are being taking away by the "authorities" as I write. I ask you to not only take a few minutes to read this but Share it with whoever you feel would be interested, those who have the concerns about where the U.S. is going with this Covid "epidemic" shutdown.

Dessie Andrews is asking everyone to share this information and do whatever they can to support this case. She is looking for a number of people to support her efforts by sharing information and has even set up a Go Fund Me page (link below). She suggested to me that $1 or even $2 contribution helps greatly because her feeling is that it is NOT about the amount of money given by any one individual but about the energy created by the numbers supporting a movement. (I call it a gestalt, or the 100th monkey effect). The more people showing support whether it be a small donation or sharing of the information, the more powerful a movement becomes.

Link to the Go Fund Me page, if you wish to donate. Also Dessie was interviewed with Patrick Timpone on the case she has filed and the issues surrounding Covid in general. Well worth listening to. This interview will give you the background, the basis for the case and other very important information.

Thanks for your interest in and support with this important case - e.t.

I thank you for your interest and hope you will join me in the fight for freedom. - D.A.

To Freedom! e.t. (Evelyn Talmadge)
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